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If you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, aging skin, or any other skin type, treat yourself to a customized facial or peel with Angie at High Brow Beauty Bar & Sugar Studio in Whitefish, MT. The experience you will receive from Angie will be unlike any other facial experience you have had or grown custom to.  Angie believes in a no rush, relaxed environment and constant touch.  While your mask or peel is setting, Angie will provide you with a complimentary hand, arm or foot massage.  After your facial, she'll provide you with a complimentary makeup touch up!   

Highbrow Beauty Bar and Sugar Studio believes in using pure and organic products, so when you book an appointment for a facial, you'll be treated using Nahla Skincare or Sorella Care.  

  •  Completely organic

  • 100% Natural

  • Contains food grade ingredients, organic whole plant extracts and clinical grade essential oils

  • Handmade on the Southern Coast of Maine

  • Is holistic and gluten free

  • Cruelty free & Gluten Free;

  • Small batch & Made in the USA 

  • Uses Fruit and Vegetables to refine and perfect your face in just a few treatments.

  • Offers aromas that are good enough to eat. 

New in 2018 ~ Sorella Care

While Nahla addressed my needs for dry/ sensitive and oily skin, it did not perform for hyperpigmentation, pore issues or have retinol - a popular anti-aging ingredient. Nahla will still be used in my practice because of its naturopathic healing qualities as well as its whole plant transparent simplicities.

I began the search for a line of that had a little more oomph. I wanted anti aging peptides, & skin brightening and pore reducing ingredients. I found a gorgeously packaged line that is so beautiful, breathtaking and has amazing benefits...introducing Sorella, a boutique; cruelty free; gluten free; small batch; made in the U.S.A; born in Reno, Nevada.  A skin care line that uses fruit and vegetables to refine and perfect your face in just a few treatments. I love this line for its smells that are good enough to eat. The peach honey masque and the avocado lip treatment and the blueberry milk moisturizer are a few of my favorites. A mermaid masque will be coming out this summer. It cools the skin by 6 degrees to give you a refreshed look and feel.  

"I had the most relaxing mini facial treatment here. Beautiful location, peaceful and calming. The service was of the highest quality and my skin type was taken into account and I had no 'after rash' as I sometimes do. Highly recommend The Highbrow to all who want great service and knowledge with best products. Thanks again, I'll be back!"- Lindsay



Highbrow time zone is MST.  If you make an appointment while in a different time zone other than MST, Square appointments DO NOT convert to MST.  This is also true if your device is synced to another time zone.

Please note, all treatments are by appointment only.

Appointments booked online are for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 


**Cancellation Policy** 

If less than 24 hours notice is given or you do not show for your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the services total.

HIGHBRow has moved...

 to 235 Central Ave in Whitefish, which is located upstairs and behind Shanti Yoga.

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