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I strive to be balanced everyday, and to carry that into my beauty practice. I try to get a full nights sleep, eat well, play enough and to give myself recovery time, so that I can give my clients a quality service. The people that I serve have busy lives.  If I can create a shortcut for them to have more time for themselves I have achieved my goal. A hair removal service can save someone from shaving 4-10 times. I think that is worthwhile. When I give someone a enzyme peel it is like doing two facials at one time with the cell turn over rate. If I can teach someone how to put on their makeup in 5 minutes, and educate them on what they do not need, my time is well spent. If someone has a high stress job, or runs the household, they need to put something into their emotional bank account. I live to give them my energy. A facial is more than me washing your face. My touch is soothing, relaxing and melting. You can pay your self some "me time" by coming to The Highbrow. I will give you my undivided attention. When the work week or month is over, I will do the same. I will get a pedicure or a massage or spend a day at a hot springs. I work as  balancing beauty therapist, so that you can keep on going. 


I was attracted to Nahla skincare for the following: Beautiful packaging (glass), range of products 30, that takes care of dry skin, dehydrated skin, damaged skin, unbalanced skin, hormonal skin and normal healthy skin. I could use it on people with psoriasis, eczema and rosacea as well as sensitive skin. I wanted it to be organic and I needed it to have ingredients I could read and pronounce and recognize. It is holistic, which had to mean that they used the whole plant and it would benefit our whole body. It is gluten free and mostly vegan except for two products. It had to smell gorgeous and not be to active, meaning not irritating to skin. So much skin care has added fragrance, aromas  essential oils. I wanted a skin care line that had ingredients that would benefit the skin and smell light and clean without added smells. I wanted it to be exclusive to Montana and created by an esthetician in small batches. At Nahla if it isn't organic it means it is wild crafted, or hand selected in nature, like huckleberries. It's price point also needed to be similar to what my clients were used to subscribing to at my last locations. Nahla fit all of my particular criteria. It is concentrated, with no added water or fillers or silicone or parabens or phthalates. It is a lovely line that I look forward to using every day. I am very pleased with 25 of the 30 products. ​


After using Jessa Sugar, and having it break down and dissolve into a syrupy sugar, I knew I had to find a new sugar that was not as sensitive to humidity and temperature. I also wanted to find an attractive looking product. The Jessa was a raw form of sugar, therefore it was brown, and looked gross when used on my clients. I wanted to find a clear golden honey looking product.


That's when I found Sugar of the Nile. The ingredients are organic, and the packaging is much better. The company has a sister company called Alexandria Sugar, which many estheticians in the valley carry. I was fortunate enough to use Alexandria at the Firebrand when I worked there for a hot minute. Since so many other estheticians have chosen the Alexandria line, I thought I would be offering a more exclusive product by carrying Sugar of the Nile. The Representative at Sugar of the Nile said that if I had ease of using Alexandria, Sugar of the Nile would be just as user friendly. The owner of Sugar of the Nile personally handled my questions and gave me top customer service. I am expecting to receive my more user friendly, less break down,  golden sugar at the end of April. 


After working in the beauty industry for over 10 years I knew I had to get the best makeup on the market. My clients were getting more ingredient savvy and I noticed that people were becoming allergic to common makeup ingredients. If I am truly a skin care therapist I would have to prove it by getting a makeup line that would not make people break out. It would have to be friendly to skin after waxing services or strong acid peels. I looked for a makeup company for over 12 weeks. My criteria was 1.cruelty free 2. exclusive to Whitefish 3. Affordable 4. Skin cancer foundation certified, 5. Had SPF rating 6. High quality 7. Performance (long lasting) 8. no nasty ingredients like shark oil, or tar in the mascara. I found a makeup line, Jane Iredale "The skin care makeup" I have a wonderful selection of complexion products like mineral powders as well as tinted moisturizers and full coverage bb cream. This makeup line is excellent for people who do not know how to take good care of their skin, it has healing and anti aging ingredients  such as Aloe Vera Hyaluronic Acid, calendula  and Coenzyme Q10. I love it because I can be lazy in the morning, but if I use a Hydration Spray, and the Liquid Minerals then I am getting the benefit of Olive Squalane, White Tea extract and Pomegranate extract, Algae extract  and my skin is purging impurities after a few weeks of use. I am very happy with Jane Iredale. I could go on forever about how great it is.

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HIGHBRow has moved...

 to 235 Central Ave in Whitefish, which is located upstairs and behind Shanti Yoga.

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