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Why Use a Hydration Spray with Makeup?

Great question! When I first decided to carry Jane Iredale, I told the rep that I thought the makeup setting/balancing/ hydration sprays were stupid and I didn't want another step to makeup. Well, after my rep came to show me the magic of a hydration spray I now can't live without this wonderful elixir. I like to put on the Dream Tint and then cover with a Liquid Mineral foundation, once I spritz I know that my makeup is going to look fresh, stay on and look flawless. When 3 pm rolls around and I haven't drank any water all day, and my puppy has woke me up at 4 am and I have three more appointments, I mist my face and I kid you not my makeup looks as fresh as it did when I put it on at 9 am. I really feel like a flower that has been given new life. I have a balancing makeup spray for oily skin, and wonderful ylang ylang mist for normal to dry skin types. If you are into Rose, Lemongrass or Pomegranate I stock those hydration makeup setting sprays as well.

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