Skin Care Ingredients that I can't Pronounce....What's up with that?

As an ingredient connoisseur I had to have a skincare line that I could read all the ingredients. I was so tired of skincare companies taking an ingredient, and manipulating it so it turned into

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate or Biosaccharide Gum. I wanted a pure, plant based skin care line that didn't test on animals, that was exclusive to Montana, that would suit my normal to dry aging clients skin. I also did not want water to be the first ingredient, because I didn't want my guests paying for water based skincare. The words I used to search for my dream skincare line was "holistic" "cruelty free" "eco friendly" "made in the usa" "small batch" I found it. It was a skincare line out of Portland Maine. Nahla Beauty pure, organic, holisitc. It was drool worthy. My now favorite cleanser listed Sunflower, avocado, argan, black cumin and castor as the oil base, then the botanicals listed are amla, black elderberry, calendula, sage, st. johns wort, echinacea, fennel, colloidal gold and vitamine e! I could read all those ingredients I had an idea what 90 percent of them were and if I didn't know a certain plant ingredient I had no trouble looking it up.The colloidal gold helps repair mircodamage and sun damage. All of the products from Nahla had beautiful botanical bases of grasses, berries, and vegetable butters. The only thing was it was not cheap. Bottled in glass, wild crafted, human gathered skincare is going to have a higher price tag. I have seen and felt the difference in my skin and my clients skin. It is so rich and concentrated that I don't need to use very much. I am very happy to have found Nahla from Maine.

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