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What is dry brushing and should I be doing it?

Dry Brushing is a multi-tasker's dream come true! An Ayurvedic tradition of exfoliating the body before bathing or a shower. It exfoliates the skin, by sloughing off dry dead skin. It rejuvenates the body via circulation. It is the cheapest way to detoxify sluggish lymph fluid. I love that I can save on my energy bill, by doing my body scrubbing before I turn on the water. Everyone knows that less time in the steamy hot shower is better for the lipid content in your skin, so you won't be as dry if you dry brush before.

Dry Brushing replaces the plastic loofah step in your shower routine. Plastic loofah's are made from petroleum, and end up in land fills for longer than your lifetime. Body washes are usually filled with chemicals, and when you dry brush, a body wash is not needed, which saves even more plastic, since most body wash is sold in plastic.

Click here to see all the options for a dry brush and to read more about the health benefits!

Once again, your skin will thank you!

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