Have you been searching for an alternative solution to waxing or for a waxing establishment that uses pure and organic products?  Look no further, Highbrow Beauty Bar and Sugar Studio in Whitefish, MT provides sugaring and waxing services to accommodate your hair removal needs.  Sugaring is an alternative product to your typical wax.  Wax can contain several ingredients, in which some can be very harmful.  

Highbrow Beauty Bar and Sugar Studio believes in using pure and organic products, so when you book an appointment for a sugar service, you'll be treated using Sugar of the Nile.


Here are just a few of the benefits of Sugar of the Nile:

  • 100% all natural ingredients

  • No chemical additives

  • Not tested on animals 

  • Water soluble

  • Cannot burn the skin

Goodbye Ingrown Hairs!

It doesn't really seem to matter if a woman shaves ,waxes or gets sugared some women always get ingrown hairs. I've told hundreds of women to use any exfoliant they can get their hands on but it does not ever seem to fail someone always comes in with monster ingrown hairs. Because my business is about 60% in hair removal I felt inclined to find a home care line that can help women with their hair removal issues.  As a person who gets ingrown hairs and has sensitive skin I was really impressed with this line. I love the textures, the smell and the packaging. No matter how you remove your hair Zandi K Products can help you out.

Zandi K products also known as "Keep Your Kitty Pretty" is three products. The Deck Scrubs come in original and sensitive formulations; they are scrubs for your bikini and shaved regions. You can use them on anywhere that you remove hair and or any place that you are ingrown prone. They use Sea Salt, Pumice, Walnut and Bamboo stem in a bigger particle size for the best exfoliation. A lot of exfoliants are very fine and so they don't do a very good job for women who have ingrown hairs they need a product that isn't messing around. Then there's Deck Polish which is a post care lotion  that helps condition the skin and also protects against ingrown hairs by using willow bark and comfrey extract to help with bacteria and inflammation. But don't worry these products are formulated to get along and co-exist with your pH.


Please note, all treatments are by appointment only.

**Appointments booked online are for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  

**Cancellation Policy: if less than 24 hours notice is given or you do not show for your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the services total.

Angie's Favorite!

75 Minutes. Express facial, Brow wax, lash tint. Get pretty without breaking the bank.


30 Minute Bikini Sugar

A little off the sides and top. The sugar wax hurts less. I book 30 minutes for this service, so this is for a conservative bikini. I ususally will take hair off the thighs, and off the top, I will go one finger width in from your "bikini line".


30 Minute Extended Bikini Sugar

For that bikini wax that goes in so you can wear a cute swimsuit, but don't want to sugar the whole enchilada. Gateway wax to the brazilian.


45 Minute New Brazilian Sugar

1st time? OR First time in a year or two. This is a sugaring service that will clean up your lady parts. I will be as gentle as possible. I will try to distract you. Yes it hurts but it is totally worth it.


30 Minute Return Brazilian Sugar

For people who have seen me before. If it has been longer than a season kindly book a "new brazilian"


10 Minute Frequent Brazilian Sugar

Are you a quick clean up? Do you only take 10 min or less? This service is for women who ONLY have 20-ish hairs. If it has been more than 3 weeks, please book a return brazilian.


15 Minute Brow Wax

I am the best in town, maybe the state. Ask anyone. I will cleanse your brows, comb, trim, tweeze and wax your brows to perfection. Don't worry they will be as big and fluffy as you want them to be. I never over do it. BIG is BEAUTIFUL! We only have 15 minutes to beautify, so please do not be late!


15 Minute Lip Wax

Wax off your mustache.


30 Minute Brow & Lip Wax

Remove your 'stash and unibrow please book this service instead of booking ala carte brow and lip.


15 Minute Underarm Sugar

This will last you weeks longer than shaving. One of Angie's Favorite Services.


45 Minute Half Arm Sugar

Elbow to wrist, knuckles for free.


60 Minute Full Leg Sugar/Wax

Treat yourself during the summer and skip the shaving!


60 Minute Half Leg Sugar/Wax

This is knee and below Or knee to thighs. Does not include bikini area. Sugaring lasts longer, and is less painful.


10 Minute Chin Wax/Sugar

The chin area is below your lips. This is not your jaw line.


30 Minute Whole Face Wax/Sugar

I will wax your entire head if you want. This service is specifically for people who want the peach fuzz off their cheeks. It includes brows, lip, chin, jaw, and cheeks.


45 Minute Back Wax

Hair removal of back hair with WAX. Sugaring is ten dollars less. I will get top of shoulders and down the arms a little bit. This will make you look like you go to the gym.


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Why clients love Highbrow Beauty Bar and Sugaring Studio...

"Waxing was new for me and I made my first appt. with Angie over a year ago.  She turned what is usually an awkward experience, into a great one, where I felt totally comfortable.  I didn't think my experience could get any better, that was until she started using sugar instead of wax for my services!  Angie is amazing at what she does and I'm so happy to have her as my waxing specialist! "- Tia


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